Advisory Board

John C. Anderson: Former United States Attorney, District of New Mexico, and Partner, Holland & Hart, Santa Fe

David Lewis Clark: Director, National Security Education Center, Los Alamos National Lab

Dale Dekker: Founding Principal/Architect, Dekker/Perich/Sabatini

Steve Downie: Director (ret.), DOE Strategy and Capture, Missile Systems at Raytheon

Rob Leland: Director, Climate Change Security Center, Sandia National Laboratories

Emile Nakhleh: Director Emeritus, GNSPI

Dave Sandison: Director, Center for Global Security and Cooperation, Sandia National Laboratories

Jim Tegnelia: Owner DBE Consulting; Member of Department of Defense’s  Defense Science Board; Member of the Department of State International Security Advisory Board

Patricia Collawn: Chairman, President and CEO of PNM Resources 

Marc Powell: CEO, National Hispanic Auto Alliance; Executive Director, New Mexico Independent Automobile Dealers Association; Kirtland Partnership Committee Board member

Roberta Ramo: Shareholder/Director, Modrall Sperling Lawyers; President of the American Law Institute

John Scott: Office of National Security & International Studies, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Don Shiffler: Cheif Scientist of Directed Energy, Air Force Research Laboratory

Amanda Nieto: Information Technology Specialist, Department of the Airforce, GNSPI Alumni