Undergraduate Global and National Security Certificate

The interdisciplinary Undergraduate Global and National Security Certificate (UNGSC) is expected to deepen students’ expertise and competitive edge in seeking employment upon graduation. It may be earned by successful completion of a prescribed program of study, in addition to one’s major, for students earning an undergraduate degree at UNM. The certificate, which is currently housed in University College, is designed to provide specific knowledge and competencies to complement and extend the student's undergraduate degree and to provide exposure to a range of topics in the interdisciplinary field of national security and strategic analysis. Those competencies include knowledge of international policy and global cultural contexts, proficiency with analytical tools, and the ability to apply both in practice.

The capstone course involves a demonstration of competency by the student through a coherent and critical analysis activity and academic paper based on their individual academic path and range of classes. Currently, the Undergraduate Global and National Security Certificate is offered out of University College and supervised by Professor Frank Gilfeather (National Security Studies Program, 3019 Mesa Vista Hall; e-mail: gilfeath@unm.edu).