Graduate Global and National Security Certificate

In the coming year, the Global and National Security Policy Institute’s UNM Advisory Board is expected to finalize the work on a graduate certificate in global and national security and to present the proposal to the faculty. Two types of certificate programs could be developed. The first, and easiest to accomplish, would be an add-on program designed to give graduate students in established disciplines additional training that would prepare them for work in global and national security related positions. Coursework would cover topics such as international regimes and systems governing finance, banking, trade, technology, and security cooperation; international conflict and conflict resolution; civil wars and terrorism; comparative politics, law, and history; and foreign languages and cultures. The goal would be to provide students in technical fields, as well as those in the humanities and social sciences, with a solid understanding of the contexts in which national security threats and countermeasures develop, as well as techniques for analysis of risk and policy effectiveness.

Another type of certificate program would be a stand alone certificate aimed at enhancing the skill sets of established professionals in technical, defense related fields, who need a broader understanding of international and comparative political factors, policy-making processes, and social-scientific analytical techniques that relate to the need for, and management and impact of, technologies. This would serve a constituency similar to that of a potential masters degree program, but with lesser requirements in terms of graduate hours of coursework. To serve the intended audience, this certificate would need to be delivered to the extent possible through online and weekend offerings. Courses for the certificate would stress interdisciplinary approaches.

Download the GNSPI Course Offerings flyer here.