Professional Master's Degree in Global and National Security (PMS-GNS)

  • Online, professional, interdisciplinary graduate degree, taught by expert faculty
  • PMS-GNS consists of accelerated 8 week online courses designed for working professionals
  • Provides education in global and national security policy and the potential for technology to pose threats as well as solutions
  • Broad definition of global and national security includes, nuclear weapons, nuclear proliferation, infrastructure resiliency, food, water, and energy security, terrorism, humanitarian issues, innovation, cyber security, environmental security, and global health
  • Conducted in collaboration with Sandia, Los Alamos, Air Force Research Lab, and the national security industry
  • Transcripted PMS-GNS offered under the auspices of the Global & National Security Policy Institute (GNSPI)
  • The PMS-GNS successful completion of 33 credit hours, comprising 15 required credit hours (5 courses x 3 credit hours each) and 18 elective credit hours
  • Required courses (for admissions prior to Summer 2023): Introduction to Global and National Security; Cyber Security and National Security; Directed Energy; Human Decision Making; Models of Collective Decision Making and Leadership
  • Required courses (for admissions beginning Fall 2023): Introduction to Global and National Security; Human Decision Making; Globalization and National Security; Fundamentals of National Security Law; Issues in American National Security
  • Examples of elective courses: Global Nuclear Security; Nuclear Safeguards & Nonproliferation; Globalization, Technology, Innovation and National Security; Environmental Security; Resilience and Decision Making Under Uncertainty; Law and National Security; American National Security & Process and Issues in American National; Environmental Security; Human Rights Law and National Security; Global Health and National Security; and U.S.-Latin America Strategic Relations
                                                        View current GLNS courses here: UNM Online

  • Please note: The courses which make up this program of study (POS) are online and will have no regular lectures, although some courses will have synchronous discussions. Success is based on students' individual efforts guided by the course syllabus, weekly readings and discussion questions on UNM Canvas, and a substantive research or policy analysis paper. Most classes will also require an executive briefing in a hybrid format during final exam period.
  • Submit a Program of Studies (POS) form to apply for graduation
    • Requires final grades for penultimate semester
  • BA or BS in any major with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA
  • Unofficial transcript (submit to PMS-GNS application; this is in addition to submission to UNM registrar)
  • A letter of intent is required and will also serve as a writing sample
  • A current resume is required
  • Three letters of recommendation from professors, supervisors, mentors, managers, or employers. It is helpful to have at least one address the applicant's time management and ability to stay on task
  • No GRE required
  • This is a Professional Master's degree therefore no thesis is required
  • We welcome students from outside the US, but do not offer support for students to travel and live in the USA.

                                                       Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2023
  • Tuition Rates and Fees (for Spring 2023; future semesters will be different)
    • Residents- $349.28 tuition per credit hour, $59.78 mandatory student fees per credit hour, and $157.90 differential tuition per credit hour: total per credit hour $566.96 
    • Non-residents- $1,135.68 tuition per credit hour, $59.78 mandatory student fees per credit hour, and $157.90 differential tuition per credit hour: total per credit hour $1,353.36 
    • Mandatory Univeristy Fees include: 
      • $100 Athletics Fee assesed to all students taking 4 credit hours or more.
      • $107 SHAC Eligibility/Wellness Fee assessed to all students taking 4 credit hours or more.
      • $150 Student Technology Fee flat fee assessed to all students
      • $125 College of Ed & Human Sciences TK2OFee flat fee assessed to all new admits
      • $25 GPSA flat fee assessed to all Graduate, Dissertation, PharmD & MD students
      • Total $507 mandatory fees
      • Ex. 3 credit hour course for residents would cost approximately: $2,207.88 ($566.96x3=$1,700.88+$507)
      • Ex. 3 credit hour course for non-residents would cost approximately: $4,567.08 ($1,353.36x3=$4060.08+507)
    • Tuition information can be found at:
    • *Other fees may apply
  • Application Deadline
    • Fall admission - June 15
  • Up to six credit hours can be applied to the PMS-GNS prior to being admitted to the degree program
    •  Students interested in taking graduate courses on non-degree status, please visit Non-Degree Applicants
Please Contact:
  • Dr. Jim Novak, Research Professor and Director, Global & National Security Policy Institute
  • Jennifer Nieto, Program Manager